We provides finest quality planter boxes made by expert workers over a period of time. This light weight product will last for years both indoors and outdoors. Planter boxes complete the look of your garden (indoor and outdoor). Big containers may be used as planter boxes in general, although it isn’t enough to decorate your garden.

Glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) are made up of a polymer matrix (synthetic resin) and glass fiber. Polyester resin, phenol resin, and epoxide resin are the most common resins used in GRP. GRP products are as hard as a Diamond and highly stress resistant. The major advantage of GRPs is they have great capacity to undergo molding. GRP has diverse application, one among it is to make  Planter boxes.

GRP planter boxes are constructed with GRP technology, which makes them stronger and more compact. GRP pots are fine and light weight as compared to other pots. They are highly decorative and can be shaped into any design. Roof gardens and indoor gardens looks great by using  from GRP planters. Planter boxes should have bioretention monitoring systems to ensure that they do not infiltrate and GRC Planters are perfect for it . Glass fibers used in GRC technology prevent drying, shrinkage or cracking. Chemicals, thermal stress, decay, and UV radiation are not a problem for GRP planters, they are higly stress resistant.  GRP  are available as plain, carved, or hand painted . GRP planters, unlike conventional containers, can be shaped into any form. They are less difficult to clean and transport. GRP pots are both environmentally and financially sound.

Key Features of GRP Planter Box

  • Can be used anywhere (Indoor/outdoor)
  • Decorative
  • Rust free
  • Light weight
  • Moldablle
  • Ashetically Pleasing
  • Perfect aeration for plants
  • Long lasting
  • Ecofriendly
  • Pocket Friendly

Greenline Fiber offers high-quality planter boxes that are handcrafted by skilled craftspeople over time. This lightweight product will last for years indoors and out. Our fully integrated manufacturing technology distinguishes us in the market.