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GRC colums are widely used in gardens, parks pavilions etc , GRC capital are aesthetic art works seen at the top part of pillars and GRC base are bottom part of the pillar.

GRC columns in structural engineering looks like a vertical structural material which can be mounted or placed anywhere without much effort .GRC columns made by using fine quality material, these columns are moisture resistant and come with good sound and heat insulation properties. They are high in strength, easy to install and it provides smooth surface finish. GRC columns are designed to resist lateral forces like wind and earthquake. GRC columns are mostly used to support beams or arches on the upper parts of walls or ceilings.

Benefits of mounting GRC Columns

Fade resistance

These  columns are so impressive that can transform any ordinary looking buildings into beautiful  and impressing  masterpieces. They are generally fixed on to concrete columns to make the architectural building  decorative and visually appealing.

GRP columns supplier in UAE

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