Glass Reinforced panels are used in walls ceilings, pedestrian bridges by being placed on solid surfaces directly or by panels or sheets. They provide a durable, scratch-resistant surface. They are easily cleanable and give superior moisture resistance. GRP panels can be made with a different combination of surface finishes. Our exclusive surface protection membrane will improve the quality, appearance, and lifespan of GRP panels covering pedestrian bridges by giving extreme UV rays.

These panels are a low-cost, easy-to-install system that turns drywall or other surfaces.

Advantages of GRP panel covering for a pedestrian bridge

  • GRP panel covering for pedestrian bridges provide a scratch-resistant surface
  •  Can be cleaned regularly using high-pressure washers or even steam
  • As it is lightweight panels are easy to install
  •  Food remains, germs, bacteria, and cleaning substances can be removed easily from the surface.
  • Biological resistance is also very good. It prevents the growth of fungi and mushrooms and also protects the metal surfaces against rusting
  • One of the most important highlights of GRP panels is that they can be mounted on new and existing drywall or repairing damaged surfaces.

GRP panel suppliers in Dubai

If you want to know more about grp panels covering pedestrian bridges or any queries about it, call the leading fiberglass manufacturing company in Dubai, Greenline fiber.