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GRC cornice

GRC cornice is beautiful architectural constructions found in many places like walls of a room that meet the ceiling, the tops of windows, and over entryways and doors. Doesn’t matter where they are mounted, cornices are a creative and aesthetic way to add a distinct texture, design, color, or to buildings otherwise been a monotonous decor.

We only use supreme quality materials when we create and mount cornice for our valuable clients. According to the look you want to give for your building and your requirements, you can have versatile lightweight reinforced cornice materials.

Advantages of GRC cornice

  •  Lightweight, fire-resistant, and durable
  •  Easily replicate the look of terra cotta and limestone
  •  Available in any design that can be painted in any color.

GRC windows supplier in UAE

If you want to know more about GRC cornice or any queries about the current cornice call the leading fiberglass manufacturing company in Dubai, Greenline fiber.